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AP Exams

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Duel Enrollment>AP Classes


that's not true.


I'd say I learned more in my s***tiest AP class than I did in my best dual enrollment class.


Oh I didn't learn much in my Dual Enrollment classes, but it gave me 12 credits going into college and it got rid of a couple stupid bs intro college courses that are completely pointless


Most importantly it allows me to register for classes one or two time sessions earlier than everyone else that will be graduating at the same time. I have yet to not get a class taht I wanted. I know so many people that didn't get the required grade on the AP test and didn't have the credits coming in and they miss out on classes because they have to register a day after I get to.


Plus my high school was similar to DW's. The teachers just weren't all that and the classes were easy so very few people actually did well on the AP exams.

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Guest Fritz

I passed AP in previous years.


AP Eng Lang & Comp

AP Human Geo

AP Eng Lit

AP American Hist

AP World Hist

AP Spanish

AP American Govt

AP Macroeconomics


Lake Mary AP >>>>>> Feces >>>>>>>> Douglas AP


/Chewbacca-style bragging

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Guest marlins02

good luck with the tests dude. i avoided AP classes like the plague. hell, i only took one honors class in my 4 years of high school.

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Douglas AP program>>> everything


how's their precalc program?


What is you big f-ing problem with not doing the stupid GEM program in high school. Geometry teachers in 8th grade sucked and you learn nothing so I took geometry again freshmen year. I'm taking Calc BC next year, which is beyond where GEM kids go in math during high school, so just stop it with the whole Precal thing.

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I took Algebra I in 8th grade, Geometry Honors in Freshman year, Algebra II Honors in Sophomore year and I am take Pre-Calculus this year. I have AP Calculus AB next year.


I am also taking AP Euro, AP Chem, and AP English Lit. next year. My electives are Court Procedures (finish off 3 years of the Law Program) and TV Production (finish 3 years of Creative Language classes...already have Creative Writing I/II and Speech I/II under my belt)

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