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Jorg's Journal - May 1, 2005

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May 1, 2005


hello again from new orleans. we just finished a game in which we lost 2-1. a definite nail biter. we just couldn't come up with a big inning to overcome the zephyrs (nationals organization). frank castillo pitched and pitched well. they managed to squeak in 2 runs during his seven innings of work. messenger came in and threw the bottom of the 8th. he walked one but didn't give up any hits.


joe dillon sat the night out after slightly spraining his left wrist diving for a ball in the previous nights game. he did get a pinch hit for the pitcher but struck out. willingham played third base in his place. his bat is starting to heat up. last night he hit a homerun to right center field - which is great, because the ball hardly flies here here in new orleans. jason stokes was recently put on the DL because he got a cortisone shot in his thumb. it's been bothering hime for quite some time now. he took some swings off the tee today and should start taking batting practice within a few days. matt padgett finally cooled off and had a hitless night. he has been on absolute fire lately hitting .400 - getting 2 or 3 hits a game.


(Click picture to enlarge)


here's a picture from the buellpen back in albuquerque. as you can see it's out in left field and during the game - don't tell anyone :) we head to oklahoma city monday morning for a 4 game set there. i'd take pictures of this ball park here but to me it's nothing special. we did have some crawfish last night as part of our spread. they were delicious - the biggest i'd had. usually the big ones aren't that great, but these were. i had to show a few of the guys on the team how to eat them. went to the casino the other night too and played a little 3-6 poker. not really a great game down here if anyone stops in. you'd almost have to go to a 6-12 game to get a decent game. too many people call with BS hands and just chase all the time, along with folding anytime a bet is made. it's actually kind of funny. plus there's so many people in town for jazz fest that's going on in new orleans. they changed our hotel from a hyatt regency downtown new orleans to a hilton out by the airport. it's about a $ 30 cab ride to downtown - the casino, bourbon st, and the french quarter. we have a 2:00 game tomorrow so i might go to the casino for a bit after that.


anyways, i'm off to watch ali and get to bed early since we have a 2:00 game tomorrow.

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Great journal, Jorg. Did you go to Harrah's in New Orleans or the river boats? I've been to Harrah's and it's really nice. I enjoyed my visit there. I lost all my money... I had made 300 bucks off 100 bucks and then tried my luck and lost everything. :( But New Orleans was still really fun. :thumbup

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Jorg didn't even mention that he had the only 'Topes RBI of the night tonight.


His modesty is taking over once again.


Thanks again for another update, Jorg. Great stuff, you already have me looking for the next installment.

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