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Chapelle's Show Production Halted


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Chappelle's Show is a no go, bitch!



In a surprise announcement Wednesday, Comedy Central announced that the highly anticipated third season of Dave Chappelle's will not make its May 31 premiere date.


"Comedy Central has suspended production on the third season of Chappelle's Show until further notice," network spokesman Tony Fox said in a brief statement. "All parties are optimistic that production will resume in the near future."


No official reason was given for the shutdown, but sources told E! News that Chappelle has been MIA from the set for weeks.


In December, the network said that Chappelle's Show was behind schedule after Chappelle fell ill, forcing the network to postpone the expected February debut of new episodes.


"Dave--and his entire production crew for that matter--got a bit of a late start on writing season three," Fox told the New York Post. Production was slated to resume in January.


Last August, Chappelle, 31, reupped with Comedy Central in a massive two-year deal, valued at $50 million by the Hollywood Reporter. The deal also set a new Industry precedent--reportedly giving the funnyman a large cut of backend DVD sales.


Featuring Chappelle's often raunchy standup, offbeat sketches and killer parodies of Prince and Rick James, Chappelle's Show has steadily built a huge following since its January 2003. By the end of season two, the half-hour show was often pulling in more than 3 million viewers, a substantial number for basic cable. The first season currently ranks as the all-time top-selling TV show on DVD. (Paramount has indefinitely pushed back the release of the second season--the studio hopes to time the DVD to the start of season three.)


In addition to his gig at Comedy Central, Chappelle had been working on a book for Hyperion. No word on the book's status; there's also no word on the reported Rick James biopic for Paramount in which Chappelle would portray the late R&B wild man.






:banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead

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They give him a $50 million dollar contract and he goes AWOL.


*tries to resist making a joke that Chapelle would likely make* :mischief :plain :plain :plain :plain


But he never got a fair slice of his 1st season DVD, and that was the 2nd bets selling TV to DVD of all time, he got like 1% of the take in for that, so he is trying to make up for the shortcomings he earned on that first contract.

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Guest Fritz

This is the worst part:


Paramount has indefinitely pushed back the release of the second season--the studio hopes to time the DVD to the start of season three


*Grabs gun and commits suicide*



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While the second suspension of the Chappelle Show since it started shooting its third season has been reported, my spies on the inside paint a much grimmer picture than simply an awkward schedule. According to a Fabulous Julian spy working directly on the set of the program, the fabulously gifted comedian is a freight train full of crying babies headed directly into a passenger train packed with infertile nuns. Yes, it?s that bad. Since filming began six weeks ago, our prying eyes have seen Chappelle's behavior become increasingly erratic; he regularly arrives hours late for shooting and has disappeared for days at a time without offering an explanation for his absence. Look, sugarcheeks, if Fab-Julez ain?t on the premises, look for me in a Koreantown massage parlor rocking out to the Isleys. But back to Dave, the man who made ?cocaine is a hell of a drug? a 2004 catchphrase ? our spies say that for the few hours Chappelle actually graces the set, he's been delusional and clearly out of his gourd.


Last Thursday, one of Fabulous Julien?s squealing piglets was at M&T Bank in Midtown waiting in line for an ATM machine (no doubt to spit her wad on Bulgari anklets) [ed. note: original annoucement of 5th and 19th has been corrected]. In front of her, a scrawny man feverishly punched at the machine?s soft buttons and repeatedly swiped his card. He appeared baffled by the machine, almost as if it was an apple martini maker fueled by Japanese midgets running on a rat wheel. But after minutes of tinkering, a flood of bills shot out. My spy reports it took a full minute for the ATM to defecate all the crispy bills. After grabbing his enormous stack of money, the man wheeled around to reveal himself as a demented-looking Dave Chappell. After the comedian staggered out of the bank, my spy shimmied up to the ATM to find Mr. Chappell's ATM card still sitting in the machine. She dashed out the door and scurried up to Mr. Chappell a block ahead, tapping him on his shoulder. She says he turned to her, looking twisted off his skull, and, in slurred speech, thanked her for the card before tottering off. Since raiding his account for a bundle of cash, Chappell has not returned to the set.


Management and workers alike had been bracing for the show's unraveling; Viacom's sexy suits made routine visits to check in on their enigmatic 50-million dollar star and the show's crew was fearful that Chappell was cracking under the pressure of having to deliver another critically-acclaimed season after signing his whopping two-year contract. His downward spiral has affected all; last Thursday, the director of the show openly bawled on the set. Last night, the show was temporarily cancelled, as rumors of Dave?s deteriorating mental condition and possible drug use have surfaced.

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