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Question for you guys...

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I've really been to busy to check up on you guys lately, except to scoreboard watch and see that everyone in the NL East keeps on winning. (This is by far the best addition in MLB)


So my question to you is how is Delgado working out so far?


Is he hitting? How's the glove? What do you think is the most impressive of his stats? I knew in the off-season that he would be a great fit for you guys, but I want to know how well he's living up to his value in your eyes.

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Considering he switched leagues and is still trying to get adjusted to NL pitching and the ballparks, I think he's doing just fine. He still has games when he looks horrible and other games when he looks absolutely brilliant. But Pudge started out the '03 season the same way and he adjusted very quickly so I don't foresee any long term problems.

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Guest Juanky

He's doing pretty well, you can tell he's still adjusting to the pitcher's league. His average is there and he's starting to produce more runs wise, however his power isn't there which is why alot of people are disappointed in his start (damn kids and their music).


His glove is better than advertised so far, though he has some lapses everyonce in a while he makes some nice picks in the dirt though he doesn't have the greatest range in the world (speaking of first baseman, how funny was it when Todd Helton threw his glove up in the air yesterday.....by far my favorite moment of yesterday's game).


The most important thing so far is his presence has been felt in the lineup. Other teams are burning relievers for him, Luiy is getting on base at a pace better than even he does normally, and the combo of Miguel and Enc are raking probably thanks in large part to Delgado's presence in the three hole. The power will come, he's just missed alot of shots the past week. I wouldn't be surprised to see a home run barrage sometime in the next couple of weeks, especially if Miguel continues to be on his tear and Juan continues to drive in the galaxy.

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Guest Fritz

Delgado is doing great, it's just a lot of the bandwagoners are disappointed because he isn't hitting a home run in every single AB.


That pretty much sums it up. I expect his power numbers to increase after his first full turn in the NL so around mid-June to early-July I expect him to go absolutely bonkers.

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