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Poop Pizza


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Cheerleaders put feces on pizza as prank


Four North Texas high school varsity cheerleaders put human feces on a pizza during a cheerleading camp and then returned the pizza to a rival high school squad, claiming the rivals had done the disgusting deed, school district officials confirmed this week.


Federal laws bar officials from discussing the girls' discipline, but such an incident would be considered "serious misconduct," Keller school district spokesman Jason Meyer said. Punishment could include sending the girls to the district's disciplinary alternative high school or removalfrom the cheerleading team.


The squad from Fossil Ridge High School sent the pizza to the Keller High School girls on June 2, the last night of a four-day camp at the University of Texas at Arlington. Girls from the rival schools stayed at a campus dorm. advertisement


Less than 45 minutes later, some Keller cheerleaders knocked on the door of Fossil Ridge varsity cheerleading sponsor Audrey Wilson, according to a member of the Fossil Ridge squad. She asked not to be identified because of fear of retribution. Wilson declined to comment Wednesday.


Wilson and the two Fossil Ridge cheerleading captains were in the room, the cheerleader said.


The Keller girls "were laughing and said we need to speak to your sponsor, like, now," she said.


The Keller girls accused the Fossil Ridge squad of sending them a pizza with feces on it and showed the pizza to Wilson.


For the next several hours, girls from both schools were questioned, according to cheerleaders and parents. Once the facts were determined, four Keller High School cheerleaders were sent home, cheerleaders and parents said.


The next day, other Keller cheerleaders apologized and read a letter to the Fossil Ridge squad, the Fossil Ridge cheerleader said. Many of the Keller girls were crying.


"I'm friends with a lot of the Keller girls. At camp we were all getting along, and then they did that," she said. "I just think it's really mean, and really disgusting."


Such behavior, once unthinkable, is increasing, said Jack Levin, director of The Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict at Northestern University in Boston.


"This is not just an aberration. This is a trend that we're seeing nationally," he said. "Teenage girls, they're kind of where boys were in the 1960s. They're no longer just pulling hair. ... They're more likely to do something anti-social, violent or even disgusting to gain attention and impress their friends, and that was simply not the case 20 years ago."


The pizza incident may have been part of a group phenomenon, common with teens, Levin said.


"Teenagers are very much affected by peers," he said. "And there are many teenagers - boys and girls - who will commit a hideous offense that they wouldn't dream of perpetrating alone."

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I saw a funny quote from a hawkeye website on this story:


"Cheerleading is a blight on humanity. It's not a sport, and it's value to a school is dubious at best. Yet these young ladies still think their work is important enough to take a growler on the other squad's pizza."

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