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Beckett back to DL? (speculation)


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Some cascades aren?t obvious. How does a blister relate to an oblique strain? Josh Beckett found out. Even the slightest alteration to a delivery, something like a loosened grip or a more distinct ?thinking? in the mechanics can lead to a small but significant change that can lead to better results...or injury. Beckett got the negative side of that bargain, straining his oblique. The injury is one that often lingers and Beckett?s track record shows that he normally returns at or slightly after the expected return date. Expect Beckett to be on the shelf for at least a month and likely closer to six weeks before being fully healed. That puts the Marlins in a tough spot, and may be the final blow to their playoff hopes that prompts them to trade A.J. Burnett.







From BP this morning.

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Guest FlummoxedLummox

ever notice how Beckett gets injured everytime he's getting shelled?



Well, to be fair to him, maybe he's getting shelled because he's injured.


yeah, wanks has it right. no one fakes injuries because they get shelled. beckett is just highly injury prone. i wonder if he should increase his offseason conditioning a la dontrelle. one of the common denominators between good pitchers is outstanding physical conditioning. see roger clemens. see dontrelle willis of this year. perhaps if he made an effort to ensure that he was in top shape, a minor change in his delivery wouldn't cause his body to rebel and send him to the DL.

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"It's frustrating," Beinfest said. "Josh is a wonderful talent. He wants to be out there and we want him out there. He's a good pitcher."


After his latest setback, Beckett vented on the bench by banging his hands on the dugout ceiling.


Summing up how disheartened he is being hurt so frequently, Beckett sighed, "uncle," while he was discussing his injuries to reporters.


He also quipped that on Wednesday, "We'll get all the rocket scientists together and check it out."


Asked how frustrated he is, the hard-throwing Texan replied, "On a scale of what? One to 10? A 10. I don't know what to do. I really don't. It's frustrating. Nobody seems to have any answers why it keeps happening. I don't know."







The game story linked also has a picture of what is becoming one of Josh's trademarks of throwing his glove in frustration in the dugout after a disappointing outing.


He clearly seemed upset by this latest setback.

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Guest Juanky

Beckett has an appointment scheduled for tomorrow with his gynecologist to find out what his problem is...


:lol :lol

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