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Damon's comments could have stemmed from ALCS

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Johnny Damon's outspoken comments about teammate Curt Schilling could have stemmed from an incident between their wives during last year's ALCS.

Accoring to the Boston Herald, Shonda Schilling passed out scarfs to all the wives during last year's ALCS against the Yankees. Michelle Damon, Johnny's wife now and fiance at the time, was the only one that refused to wear the scarf. Michelle even griped after the Sox fell in Game 3, ''A lot of good those (bleeping) scarves have done.'' To which Shonda Schilling replied ''Well, if you were wearing one maybe your fiance wouldn't be 0-for-16.'' Red Sox family day is going to be a blast this year. Jul. 8 - 1:17 pm et

Source: Boston Herald


God bless Rotoworld.

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Without question, Schilling handled a question about comments from teammates Johnny Damon and Tim Wakefield that criticized management's decision to stick Schilling in the bullpen.


"I don't deal with my teammates and my manager through the media," Schilling said. "You guys do a good enough job of that on your own."



I think Mike Timlin also said it was a bad move, but I don't think Johnny said it cause of some trouble between their wives during last years ALCS :p

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When will Damon learn to shut his mouth!!


You don't even know what HE said!



I read his comments on ESPN.com, was not referring to what his wife said.


Then you gotta say that when you post it.. I was thinking you just didn't like him at all so you just said it out of spite..

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Damon is an idiot. He wants so badly to come off like this cool hippie. His wife looks like a beauty queen and he has a personal hair stylist that goes with him everywhere.


First of all, when does having a wife that looks like a beauty queen a bad thing?


Damon backed off his comments earlier as he didnt realize Schill would not be healthy enough to start when he goes into the bullpen.

``We talked about what our team's going to do. Our team is a much better team when Schilling is our ace pitcher. I'm not going to back down from that,'' Damon said. ``Everyone knows how important he was to us last year, and that's what we want him as. We want him to be our No. 1 guy like he was for us last year. Helped us get past the Yankees, helped us win the World Series. I want Schilling as our No. 1 starter. If it takes him going to the bullpen, then we'll have to deal with it.''

And I have not seen anything that says his has a personal hairstylist that goes on the road with him. If it is anyone it's his wife. And hell what if he does? He's a good looking man and if the guy likes having long hair who are we to say he shouldnt or he is 'lame' for it?


He is an all-star starter this year (and very deserving) even when these same people belittleing him now were the ones that said he was overrated and sucked...so since that hasnt come true please scour the internet for things to talk smack about.



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