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The Badass Team Tourney


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Let me see here...


Devil Rays - The scariest person on this team may be Sweet Lou...next....


Orioles - Daniel Cabrera would scare the living s*** outta me if i was in a fight, no one is charghing the mound when he is on it. Sidney Ponson would win a sumo fight, but not a basebrawl. Sosa still has some guns and alot of pent up anger, he might be a fighter. BJ Surhoff and Jay Gibbons look like they should work on farms, so I bet they would put in their .02 in any fight.


Blue Jays - The loss of Carlos Delgado hurts their chances of being able to fend off some stronger teams. Eric Hinske is an absolute hoss and would be in the middle of any altercation. Outside of him there isnt much here.


Red Sox - They are like 4-0 in their last few brawls. Papi, Gabe Kapler, Trot Nixon, Alan Embree, Man-Ram, Mark Bellhorn, Jason Varitek, and Kevin Millar are all guys that have been in brawls and will not hesitate to get in another.


Yankees - While this team does have some bad asses, they mostly seem to buy into their clean cut image too much and are soft when things get rough. Gary Sheffield has to be one of the meanest, toughest men in the league, he is the ringleader of the New York stable. Jason Giambi is big but he seems too nice to brawl. Posada would get into a fight as well. Don Zimmer was a great fourth option for the bombers, but since he is gone, the Yanks arent as imposing as they were a few years back.


1. Red Sox.

2. Orioles

3. Yankees

4. Blue Jays

5. Devil Rays

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First things first, Varitek can't p***y out again -- NO FIGHTING WITH YOUR MASK ON!


I'd like to see these 4 throw down in a tag team matchup - Gary Sheffield and Alex Rodriguez (Yes despite being a p***y off the field, on the field the guy is a very tough dude - If you say otherwise you need to get your homer goggles off) vs. David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. That would be a good one.


As far as this poll, I think I have to go with the Red Sox. Mostly because of their bullpen - Timlin and Embree look like they could be pretty tough guys.

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