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Whats the first thing that comes to mind....


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Florida Marlins-the players


Flip Flops-love them


Oakland A's- have some HOT players


Airplane-im gonna go on one real soon


Home Improvement-boring




American Eagle-love the clothes


Star Wars-UGHH


Chicago Cubs-stupid losers


Admin- :)


Holly-shes so nice


Montana-a place


Baseball Tonight-interesting


1997-marlins WS

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Guest Moneyball

Florida Marlins- Love of my life.


Flip Flops- Bad experience.


Oakland A's- Moneyball :mischief


Airplane- Crashing


Home Improvement- Tim Allen grunt


Wedge- Antilles


American Eagle- National bird.


Star Wars- Chewbacca314


Chicago Cubs- Bartman


Backpack- School


Admin- MB.com


Holly- :plain :mischief


Montana- Nothingness.


Baseball Tonight-


1997- Marlins World's Championship

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Florida Marlins- I can't afford this season's ticket prices


Flip Flops- not just for the White House anymore


Oakland A's- Reggie Jackson


Airplane- my Aunt was in an airplane crash in 1972


Home Improvement- Tim's Argh! ARgh! Argh! grunting


Wedge- Wedgewood China


American Eagle- Brand of Sears (?)


Star Wars- The last three movies were way lame compared to the first three


Chicago Cubs- Where the hell was Derrek Lee when we needed him?


Backpack- I have a million of them and can't ever find one when I need one


Admin- *sighs and moans


Holly- endless surveys


Montana- Joe Montana's cooking commercials


Baseball Tonight- Where is Bob Costas when you need him


1997- I didn't even follow the World Series then- what the hell did I know??!!

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when your hear/see these words?





Florida Marlins-Sea Bass


Flip Flops-women


Oakland A's-Kotsay




Home Improvement-Tool Time




American Eagle-My friend Brandon


Star Wars-Vader


Chicago Cubs-D. Lee






Holly- :mischief nice buttocks :shifty




Baseball Tonight-Yankees








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Florida Marlins-Champions


Flip Flops-My flip flops


Oakland A's-Eric Chavez




Home Improvement-Old show




American Eagle-Me


Star Wars-Hate it


Chicago Cubs-Billy Goat






Holly-West Palm Beach cutie




Baseball Tonight-Baseball



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Florida Marlins- Playoffs


Flip Flops- WildMarlinMan2003..


Oakland A's- Moneyball


Airplane- Turbulence!


Home Improvement- My house needs


Wedge- Eric


American Eagle- Not sure..


Star Wars- Don't like it


Chicago Cubs- 1908


Backpack- holds stuff


Admin- lurry


Holly- :wee


Montana- hmm..


Baseball Tonight- Red Sox/Yankees


1997- Whuu!

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Florida Marlins-



Flip Flops-



Oakland A's-




The Top of Clouds


Home Improvement-

Jonathan Taylor Thomas



Eric Wedge


American Eagle-

Ridiculous waste of money; walking billboards


Star Wars-

tremendously overrated and over hyped


Chicago Cubs-

Most obnoxious team in baseball; classless fans



Middle School









Population: Tire


Baseball Tonight-

Web Gem



Awesome! :)

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Florida Marlins- Champions forever.


Flip Flops-Politicians


Oakland A's-Tony La Russa's crew. :plain


Airplane-Fly away!


Home Improvement-For some ungodly reason, Admin the Cable Guy. :plain


Wedge-Antilles! :whistle


American Eagle-Preppy Schmucks.


Star Wars-Chewbacca and Lightsabers.


Chicago Cubs-Beer guzzling fans


Backpack-Green Light. :plain






Montana-Das Texan and the Bears. :mischief


Baseball Tonight- Kissing the Yankees ass.


1997- Year of the Marlins!

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Florida Marlins- teal


Flip Flops- rainbows


Oakland A's- Billy Beane


Airplane- movie


Home Improvement- Tim Allen


Wedge- Cheese


American Eagle- s***


Star Wars- space


Chicago Cubs- Derek Lee


Backpack- hiking


Admin- marlinbaseball.com


Holly- quiz


Montana- mountains


Baseball Tonight- ESPN


1997- World Series

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Florida Marlins- Cheap Tickets


Flip Flops-Beach


Oakland A's- Ok


Airplane- Pain in ears


Home Improvement- Boring


Wedge- Yummy


American Eagle- White


Star Wars- Geeks


Chicago Cubs- Htae (except Derrek Lee :thumbup )


Backpack- Europe


Admin- :plain


Holly- :thumbup


Montana- :thumbdown


Baseball Tonight- :whistle


1997- World series :notworthy

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