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Peter Jennings close to death?


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Guest Fritz

Isn't he a lifetime smoker? Sad that he has cancer and I think he's a fantastic news anchor, but when you smoke frequently, you run the risk. I wish him a speedy recovery.

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ABC News alerted affiliates. ABC News offers no comment.





Seems the norm for these kind of things. If he dies, they will break in and you can expect a Tribute Special not too far down the line from that time.



How do we really know they alerted affiliates?


What about this note from the blog that you posted?


Update: Sunday, 9:59am: NewsBlues has removed its earlier statement, which stated that ABC affiliates were preparing for Jennings' death. An ABC spokesperson reiterated that this information was incorrect.


If it turns out that the rumors are true, kindly don't "I told you so" me. I'm just saying that there's a good possibility that this is a load of bull.


Anyone remember when a poster on an ESPN board got ESPNEWS to report that Shaq was out for the season? Sometimes the internet gets it wrong.

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It is sad when people needlessly die , Jennings is a smart man and should have laid off the cancer sticks, I guess his death or decline fits is perfectly timed with the decline and subsequent death of "network news" I cant even imagine being limited to just 3 generic choices that cover the same stories from the same perspective from the same geographic location . As far as the three dinosaurs of news go i wasnt ever a fan of Jennings work but i would still rate him better than Rather

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