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During Sex...


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Guest marlins02

hopeless during sex (dedicated to the poor guy me and my friend were spying on tonight while trying to get some from his girl :lol )


by Dionne Farris (i think)



The fact is I need you during sex


by Jill Scott

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a buffett bonanza ..............


why don't we get drunk (and screw) during sex


the weather is here, i wish you were beautiful during sex


12 volt man during sex


the captain and the kid during sex


anything, anytime, anywhere during sex


someone i used to love during sex


come monday during sex


altered boy during sex


tonight i just need my guitar during sex


flesh and bone during sex


waiting for the next explosion during sex


the night i painted the sky during sex


quietly making noise during sex


delaney talks to statues during sex


she's got you during sex


off to see the lizard during sex


take another road during sex


king of somewhere hot during sex


my barracuda during sex


little miss magic during sex


we are the people are parents warned us about during sex


living and dying in 3/4 time during sex


there's nothing soft about hard times during sex


my head hurts, my feet stink and i don't love jesus during sex




whoa ... got a little carried away there ... but the dude has like 300 songs

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