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Why Blalock and not this guy?


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Texiera is untouchable so im not even gonna go there but why not a package of Michael Young, and either Danks or Diamond for Beckett and Lowell? Texas has a very good prospect at SS in Arias and has Kisler who can play SS right now. Marlins biggest need right now IMO is SS and Michael Young is a top 5 SS in the game. So why no Young? Well what this does is tell me that the Marlins plan on dealing Blalock to another ball club for other pieces. Ex: Blalock and a prospect or something to the Twins for Juan Rincon, Boof Bonser, Travis Bowyer? I don't know but things don't add up. Blalock is best suited at 3B and so is Miguel Cabrera and I don't think Blalock is winning that war and pushing Cabs back to LF where he has said he is uncomfortable and prefers not to play.


With all that being said I rather keep Beckett and see if Lowell turns it around. Probably doubtful but is dealing Lowell worth Beckett?

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Blalock is better. I'd rather get him and then trade him for a starting pitcher.



Young is considerably better than Mr. Blalock. Young is a top 5 SS and the Rangers would be crazy to deal him.


Young's away stats:


2003: .262/.291/.367

2004: .280/.320/.460

2005: .330/.384/.500


Blalock's away stats:


2003: .260/.301/.435

2004: .239/.323/.460

2005: .231/.276/.335


If we could switch Young and Blalock in that supposed deal, I would be absolutely thrilled.

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Michael Young is four years older than Blalock. Blalock has a higher ceiling.


I'd still take Young over Blalock. I mean how many good hitting SS's are there in the league, and how many good hitting 3rd baseman in the league? Take into account that our best player is a 3rd baseman, and the fact that our Starting SS is a free agent well, you get the picture.

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