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Who's to blame for the Marlins leaving?

The "real" FAN

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Guest FlummoxedLummox

They're not gone yet. Stop talking like they are. There's still a lot of work to be done in order for the Marlins to find a home elsewhere, and that leaves south florida with a window to figure something out. It doesn't look good, but nothing's written in stone yet.

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SO wait...

are they leaving for sure?


We don't know but most likely, Yes! :crying


Wow, it really hasn't sunk into me yet. This is sad... very, very sad. :(


You know what's really sad for me, man... My wife and I just had a baby boy just under 4 months ago. The first thing I thought of when I found out we were having a boy was that I would get to take my son to Marlins games. We bought him little Marlins outfits, a little Marlins baseball cap... Now, he may never even know who the Marlins are. By the time he's old enough to begin enjoying the game, we'll be a city without a team. The best thing I'll have is a few Spring Training games.....

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Everyone really, but if there's anyone strictly to blame it's the state. They've rejected the Marlins twice (Jeb Bush veto the first time and the State Senate the second) when everyone else has come through, so f*** them.


I can't wait to vote out all these a**holes out of power.

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