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Tommy Hutton comments on the Beckett trade


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im glad McKeon left when he did. I wouldn't want him to have to put up w/ the crap we're going to field next year.


I don't care if they are all "talented prospects" they are STILL prospects. Hell, we'll have a lot of everyday players who haven't played in the majors before this year. 1998 all over again.

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T-Hut makes a great point.


What the hell are you (ownership) going to tell Girardi, and the rest of the players in this team?



I personally think that Girardi knew about this.. I bet they told him they were going to vut payroll majorly!!

When Giardi first signed with us, I am pretty sure he assumed small changes like he would only be losing Delgado and Enc would be on his mind. If he knew all this would happen, I am pretty sure he would have easily signed with the D-Rays, don't forget, the FO pretty much just went "Surprise Giardi, we are going to sell the team, oh man what a great joke huh?" :plain All this started becoming news maybe a week or 2 after he joined us . . .

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