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Momentous Day in MB.com History...


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Before I start this post, I would like to thank a few people who made it possible for this to happen:


First, I'd like to thank my dear friend LCastillo/Hanleylicious. Without him I wouldn't have wasted so much brainpower on this site. Secondly, the Marlins world series win brought me back to the site as I kinda forgot it during September and October. Without that, I wouldn't have remembered to come back and share in the joy. Then of course, I'd like to thank the Post Your Picture Thread. Many long hours were wasted reading and posting in that. Continuing on, I'd like to thank the 2004 and 2005 Marlins for providing me fodder to have my hopes rise and then subsequently killed. Without them, I wouldn't have posted so many hopeful posts. Finally, I'd like to thank the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons for giving me an oppurtunity to assert my superior meteorological knowledge. Yes, Lefty, my superior knowledge. :thumbup



I would also like to thank former member Tonyi/GetFuzzy/ToadLicker/RepublicanInTheCloset and the rest of the conservative bunch. For providing me the oppurtunity to hate you and your political beliefs, I thank you. Dubya, my conservative friends, still sucks. :cool



Finally, a big thanks to Admin for creating this site. Otherwise, us Marlins fans would really be a minority.



No, Das, I don't thank you for anything. You banned me for an hour. Therefore, no thanks are coming your way. :mischief






And now...






The moment you have all been wasting your time for...






















I Beinfest4Prez, formerly known as Fish4WildCard...



















Have reached the lofty heights of spamdom...
























And now here it is....








































Its my 10,000th post bitches! I am now part of a lofty club of spammers....





















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Wow, that's nice




How bout the "Voice of healthy reason in the bull pen"? :)


Boo. Moderate reasoning and politics don't mix. :mischief



Oh man I forgot my shoutout to the Cape man. Without him, 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons and Florida Panthers stuff would've never been as comprehensive...



Also to the vast minority of hockey fans on this site...Hockey>>>>>all. :mischief That is my shoutout. Anyone else want a shoutout?

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