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Ohio State Vs. Notre Dame


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Notre Dame is going into the game like some emo bitches about how they'd rather be in the Rose Bowl. One could easily argue that Auburn should be in the Fiesta in their place, HOWEVAH, since Auburn is Auburn and Notre Dame is The University of Football in America, they get the handjob from the bowl committees.


Ohio State wins. Big.


tOSU 41

ND 20

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Guest FishFanInPA

God i hope so Fritz......Notre Dame hasn't really beaten anyone good and sure they pushed USC to the limits but at home that was expected. As a Michigan guy, it pains me to say it but the Buckeyes are damn good and will show it in a rather easy win.

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I think we'll win, but I think it's closer than people think. I'll go 30-24 tOSU. What do I know, though?


Notre Dame looks alot like a better Michigan State to me and they gave us a good game for about two and a half quarters before we stopped f***ing around (and I had turned on the team because the Buckeyes students in my section were TOO big of homers) and actually did something.

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