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My Cool Jeremy Hermida Website


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Hey everyone,


I thought you all might want to check out my Jeremy Hermida site --




I might have gone a little overboard with the MVP candidate prediction but I think he'll be ROY for sure.


If you guys like it I might do some sites for other Marlins players.




heh very cool website... keep adding to it though.. I like the layout alot, and hope that this kid does blossom this year, and wins the ROY!

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It's easy enough to start the site, but don't let it die when the novelty wears off. Keep it going



Agree! Nice site man! Im am a HUGE Hermida fan also and I hope he shines this year and takes the ROY! Keep the site going man!


Just a thought it would be pretty cool if you put the video of his 1st homer (grand slam) on there.. Like maybe an intro to the actual site..

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Good start.


I'd look to add a Gallery system and a guestbook/forum. A links page would also be useful, imo.




HAHAHAH I'll just make a forum devoted to some GUY. Yeah that's about as gay as it gets.


Anyway I added the forum!!! And also a links page + a top nav and changed a few things around. I swear I'm not gay, I'm just put the forum up cuz this guy asked for it. It was useful learning that message board + sql stuff for other serious sites I might do later.


If anyone has a Marlins / baseball devoted site let me know and I'll add your link.

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Neato, though the graphics need some work.


Maybe you should commission PhillyPhan04, Fish4Life, or Beetle to help you out there.


Oh, and that domain will make you a wealthy man 5 years from now.



I agree..


CHA-CHING! $$$$$$$$$$ :notworthy


Just keep it updated and i will bookmark it dude.



Yea that is a must man, I'll check out many time if you stay up on it! Good Luck!

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