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Panthers offer Luongo 5 year, $30million dollar deal


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Sources told Sportsnet Luongo has been offered a five-year deal believed to be worth as much as $30 million US.


Sportsnet.ca -- Amid ongoing speculation Roberto Luongo is, or will be an available asset, Sportsnet has learned it is the Florida Panthers intent to sign their star goaltender to a multi-year contract.



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panthers have been playing much better the last month and a half. thats because we finally have decent defenders along with a couple gujys that will win you some faceoffs... especially when their in their defensive zone and ESPECIALLY on the PK. loui will stay.. so will ollli

just glad to see ownership knows what this franchise is based around

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If the current score holds, we'll be only 3 points out of the playoffs at the end of the night.


Luongo will get a max contract anywhere he goes, that's already a given, what determines whether he stays with the Panthers or not is if we make the playoffs or are at the very least a competitive team like we've been playing as of late.

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Luongo says no to $30M


By Steve Gorten

Staff Writer

Posted January 14 2006



Sunrise ? The Panthers have made a substantial offer to keep Roberto Luongo, but the star goaltender says that money alone is not enough.


Luongo said Friday he will not sign a five-year, $30 million contract from the Panthers -- $5 million more than he left on the table last summer -- until the team proves to him it is serious about contending for a Stanley Cup.


He said he wants to wait until after the season to make a long-term decision.


"I just want to make sure we're a playoff team for many years to come," Luongo said. "I don't want to spend another five years here just watching the playoffs on television.


"It is a great contract [offer] for me, but No. 1 is winning a Stanley Cup and having success in the playoffs. After that, money comes second. ... As I've said from the beginning, the main thing for me is not money. The direction of this team is more of a factor."


The Panthers, who play Columbus tonight, moved within three points of the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference with Thursday's win against the Blues. Luongo said contract talks at this point of the season are a distraction.


"There's really no rush for me to sign a deal right away today," said Luongo, who as a restricted free agent will remain with the Panthers through next season as long as they match any offer sheet.


"There are more important things right now. Once this summer rolls around, I'll sit down with my agent, discuss where the team is at, where it's going and make a decision then."


Director of hockey operations Jack Birch said of negotiations with Luongo: "It should indicate we have a real desire to get him signed to a long-term deal. Beyond that, we don't want to discuss the negotiations publicly at this point."


Luongo will be interested in what the team decides concerning top scorer Olli Jokinen, who came with him from the Islanders in a trade six years ago.


Jokinen, who leads the Panthers in scoring (21 goals, 27 assists) for the third straight season, will become an unrestricted free agent after this season and be free to sign with any team. He likely will be traded if a long-term deal isn't reached by the trade deadline March 9. Jokinen said Thursday he wants to reach an agreement by the Olympic break Feb. 14.


"Olli is a big part of this team. He's our best player on the ice every night ... it's more than just Olli, though, it's getting the right players here," Luongo said. "We're going in the right direction, but until we're there and establish ourselves as a winning organization year in and year out, it's going to be hard for me to commit long term."


The Panthers' front office fully expected Luongo would accept their latest offer, which would pay him more per season than Martin Brodeur ($5.2 million), Olaf Kolzig ($4.9 million) and Ed Belfour ($4.5 million) are making for 2005-06. Nikolai Khabibulin is the league's highest paid goalie at $6.75 million. With Luongo deciding not to sign now, the Panthers may start trade talks with other teams.


Luongo, who an arbitrator ruled will make $3.25 million this season, rejected a five-year, $25 million offer in August because he was uncertain about the Panthers' direction.


While Luongo would prefer a shorter commitment at this point, it's expected the Panthers will not entertain any deal for less than four years.



Can't say I totally blame him, but this really is AJ Burnett part II, except this time with hollow negotiations.

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Every Cup contender in the league in need of a goalie will be lining up to give him the same contract and he knows it. Luongo is as good as gone.




I really hope Keenan is exploring any trade options we may have with him, trade him for a superstar or two. Don't make the same mistake Beinfest did and hang on to AJ for a "playoff push," trade him while we still can...

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