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Game of Shadows strikes again


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Book alleges Sheffield injected testosterone, HGH

ESPN.com news services


Yankees slugger Gary Sheffield injected testosterone and human growth hormone in January 2002, according to the latest revelations in "Game of Shadows," a book written by two San Francisco Chronicle reporters.


Excerpts from the book appeared earlier this month in Sports Illustrated, giving graphic detail of Barry Bonds' alleged use of a vast array of performance-enhancing drugs, including steroids and human growth hormone.


Sheffield, who in 2003 reportedly admitted to a federal grand jury to unknowingly having used a steroid cream, also sought to maintain a relationship with Bonds' trainer Greg Anderson after Bonds and Sheffield had a falling out in 2002, according to the book's authors. Anderson was among four convicted in the BALCO steroid distribution scandal.


In a 2004 interview with Sports Illustrated, Sheffield said he thought "the cream" was cortisone-based -- he applied it to his surgically repaired knee -- and that he so little suspected its true ingredients that he openly kept it in his locker.


According to the book, Sheffield attempted to obtain "the cream" and "the clear," another designer steroid, through Anderson after Sheffield and Bonds had severed their relationship.


Anderson reportedly kept a drug calendar that documented Sheffield's use of HGH and testosterone.



Let the fun begin.

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Guest markotsay7

Is this a surprise? Dude used to be a thin little shortstop.




eh, he looks pretty thick as a rookie SS



Not so much there.

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If Sheff did, he certainly doesn't look like it. You guys are showing rookie cards from how long ago? 17, 18 years? There was no sudden increase. No hulk-like Sheff all of the sudden. Who could imagine that over so many years, an athlete could increase size and strength gradually each year? This everyone-did-steroids if they put on some weight mentality is such utter bulls***, and I'm really getting sick of it. I'm not even a big Sheffield fan. The accusations are out of control.

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Isn't this sort of old news? I remember when the whole Balco thing came out that named Giambi and Bonds it also mentioned Sheff and he said something along the lines of what Bonds said that "he didn't know".


Sheffield said he used a steroid cream without knowing. This book is saying all kinds of garbage about knowingly injecting himself and all that.

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