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Marlins all time record against all opponents


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NL East:

Atlanta 83-110

Philadelphia 92-102

New York 92-102

Washington/Montreal 101-92


NL Central:

St. Louis 47-62

Chicago 56-59

Milwaukee 30-29

Pittsburgh 49-63

Cincinnati 51-68

Houston 50-63


NL West:

San Francisco 41-67

San Diego 52-55

Los Angeles 52-60

Colorado 59-59

Arizona 24-34


AL East:

New York 6-8

Baltimore 11-4

Toronto 11-5

Tampa Bay 28-15

Boston 7-11


AL Central

Cleveland 5-1

Kansas City 2-1

Chicago 2-1

Detroit 5-4

Minnesota 1-2


AL West:

Texas 4-5

Anaheim 2-4

Oakland 2-1

Seattle 1-2



Alltime record by Month:

March 1-1

April 145-167

May 159-199

June 176-174

July 155-184

August 173-177

September 148-171

October 9-10



San Francisco 6-1

Atlanta 4-2

Chicago 4-3

Cleveland 4-3

New York 4-2


I'll update standings with each series.

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The win-loss record vs. all the NL teams is rather sad, not a single winning record and just one .500 record against the Rockies.



"Washington/Montreal 100-91"


We got one :lol


I really don't think it's fair to compare it this way, remember we came in while all these other teams were veterans and for most of the part we had losing seasons. I am pretty sure '98 was resposible for most of the damage

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