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Woah, that's messed up.


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I always thought I lived in a pretty tolerant area. Imagine my surprise when I find there is a Neo Nazi group 22 miles from me.




It's appauling.





Dude, they're everywhere.


I remember, locally, there was a place across from where I went to Middle School called "Possum Holler Pizza" that was owned by Neo-Nazis and had white power literature sitting out. It was a rite of passage for kids to go in there and steal that trash before the skinhead who made the pizzas yelled at them.

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Guest ShaqandWade323

For those of you who go to UF like me, there are 2 KKK groups in Gainesville.



I'm sure they were delighted that Noah, Brewer, Horford, and Green won the national championship.

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