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Megrew returned to the Dodgers


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We have to be the most miserly team in the game today, if we don't want to pay a measely $25k to keep a promising pitcher. I hope it doesn't come back to haunt us.


This is a business, not a charity.


Megrew had to be paid over $300K in salary alone (major league minimum), not including benefits and other expenses (travel, allowance, doctor visits and rehab stints). If he proved to be healthy, he'd also have to be activated from the DL and given one of the 25 roster spots. If he didn't prove healthy, they weren't allowed to stash him on the DL the entire season. All this for a pitcher on a team that has many talented young pitchers? Is it worth it?


BTW, the club didn't just give him back to LA. They offered him back. LA wanted him back and they had to repay $25K of the Marlins' initial cost of drafting him ($50K, I believe).

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