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As of April 20th


Batting Average: .254(24th MLB, 13th NL)

Home Runs: 13(24th MLB, 13th NL)

OBP: .326(21st MLB, 14th NL)

SLG: .435(18th MLB, 11th NL)

OPS: .761(19th MLB, 11th NL)

2B: 34(5th MLB, 4th NL)

3B: 3(T-13th MLB, T-8th NL)


BAA: .261(11th MLB, 8th NL)

WHIP: 1.54(25th MLB, 14th NL)

K/BB: 1.35(26th MLB, 15th NL)

K/9: 6.81(10th MLB, 6th NL)

ERA: 4.57(14th MLB, 8th NL)



Using bad math, averaging where we rank in each category...we are currently the 16th best team in MLB, and the 10th best in the NL.


Not anything to cheer about, but a good indication that we are not anything resembling bottom feeders are "unimportant" or "empty uniforms" as some have suggested.




The low batting average can largely be the void at the bottom of the lineup in the early parts of the season, the 2B and 3B #'s are quite encouraging though, still have problems as always with the HR.


The pitching staff is pretty much average in the NL, just walk too many people. I actually find those pitching #'s quite promising with such a young staff and a horrid bullpen(except the walks, of course), and coming out of a series in the GABP.

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Somewhat encouraged by the triples too, because the 13th and 8th are misleading...there are teams that are far ahead, but the most a team has more than us is 6, and there are alot of teams tied with 4(6 teams), 3 teams with 5, then one each with 7, 8, and 9.


The speed in the lineup is encouraging and something I wasn't neccessarially counting on. The doubles factor into this as well, and when the team gets more comfortable on the basepaths, we will have alot more to show for those 2B and 3B.

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