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Anibal Sanchez


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I was listening to Marlins on Deck (radio) and the voice of the Mudcats said that Anibal Sanchez is ready for the big club. He also said Taylor Tankersley is ready too. Do you think if our starting pitchers (Moehler/Vargas- He only had one good start/ Mitre- eventhough he isnt doing that bad) continue to struggle we will bring him up?




Sorry if this is totally a Far-Fetched idea but if the voice of the Mudcats said he is ready... do you think he is really ready?

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What I'd like to see based on what we have as of now.









CL: Borowski

SU: Wellemyer

SU: German

LF Specialist: Vargas (Middle Relief as well)

Middle Relief: Herges

Middle Relief: Messenger

Long Relief: Moehler

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no reason to rush sanchez he is going to be one of our future aces let the kid slowly build up. He is still coming back from that arm surgery a few years ago


Is he that good? I really don't know much about him.

yea, he's that good

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Guest Juanky

I think the only way you can reasonably call Sanchez up now is to do so as a reliever, build some Major League experience that way. However, I think we should hold off on calling him up at all until midseason at least. We have two viable starters on the club now that aren't getting looks in the rotation yet.


And yes, his fastball is in the upper 90's

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The Marlins acquired Anibal Sanchez from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Mike Lowell and Josh Beckett this past off-season. Many see him as a #2/3 starter down the road, but he could develop into a #1, his stuff is that good. Then again, he could also become a dominant closer down the line, but that hasn?t been talked as much. Anibal throws in the mid 90s and the movement on his fastball really catches scouts eyes. He throws both a 2 seam and 4 seam fastball. He has tremendous command of those pitches and can hit the corners on each side of the plate. With an improving changeup (which could become a + pitch) and an already very good curveball, Sanchez is devastating to both righties and lefties. His changeup, which he throws in the same motion as his fastball, intrigues scouts the most because of its cutting action. One of the only thing holding Sanchez back right now is just his lack of innings, having thrown just 328 thus far. He has a nice easy delivery which allows for extra movement on his pitches. Anibal understands how to get hitters out and isn?t afraid to throw inside, especially because of his tremendous control. There aren?t many negatives to be said about Sanchez. Although, one thing that has some scouts worried is the fact that towards the end of the 2005 season, he was throwing in the upper 80s (as opposed to the low-mid 90s). Even though fatigue was an obvious factor, some believe he is still an injury risk, as he was in the past. He is recovered from nerve problems in his arm from over a year ago and could be up with the big club as early as May if he has success in Double-A Carolina.

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