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Mets-Yanks game on ESPN


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I remember the one Subway Series game I went to about 5 or 6 years ago at Shea. It was funny the way the fans got into a rhythm almost all game. "Lets Go Yankees... Yankees Suck" all game long in unison.


Now they can stop booing A-Rod for a few minutes

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Can somebody please shut up Joe Morgan? He and Miller are arguing about Randolph's decision to keep Soler in the game versus going to the bullpen. As you know, the Mets blew the lead.


First, the argument centers around "winning today" (Morgan) versus "saving the pitching staff". The Mets are starting Darren Oliver tomorrow for Pedro, but Morgan wanted the Mets to put in Oliver because of his "win today attitude". This leaves the Mets needing to call up pitchers and screw up the bullpen against the Pirates. The comparatively sane Miller notes that he'd save his pitchers instead of spiraling into a losing streak. Then they start flashing graphics up of teams that have led by the most games and gone on to lose their divisions.


At one point, Morgan says "maybe Darren Oliver will pitch 9 tomorrow". He then essentially says that he would, with a 4-0 lead in the 3rd inning, that he would to take out his starter (Soler) and replace him with Darren Oliver to preserve what looks like a win". Meanwhile, no play-by-play the entire inning.


No wonder he's never gotten a managing job. It's not like baseball fans can tune him out either, unless they have a simulcast in SAP.

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