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long island marlin fan here on olsen & cabs


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ok...idk how u all feel about cabrera rite now...but if u have a prob. with his "attitude problem" let me explain to u what i witnessed saturday and sunday. Saturday(game 1) seemed very happy...havin a fun catch with a.a....does well in the game and then came the hbp incident. when he first got hit he seemed a little upset but not as upset as it looked. what i think happened is that the benches clearing got him a little more into the whole incident(this leads to the fans harrassment). later that inning he wud be ejected. Then came game 2. this guy had to endure 5 innings of extreme harrasment by some A%S$H*0le met fans...who wud go on to make fun of his wife(rosangel),kid, and intell. until he was eventually taken out of the game around the 6th..?went to todays game(1st row :D on the marlins dugout)fans still treated him like crap. Then came the error...n thats ok...but the how slow he was on the way towards the ball was ridiculous...u cant have that...idc how good u r.So yes that was a little out of line but it was just a rough series fan wise for him...

thank u for reading,


p.s. i think that the marlins have realized that the bullpen is indeed somewhat of a problem that they will need to have at least 1 addition too.That span that they had during the winning streak they were great but that was it.If the marlins were to be say...3 games under on the trade deadline week...who wud they deal and who for

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what kinda bad things could they say about his wife and kid? i mean his kid is still a baby. it would be horrible 2 say bad things about it


Wow what kind of idiot say bad things like that to a baby? Very unethical from the mets fans but hey I dont expect much from that fanbase.


He's beeen treated like this by opposing fans since he came up. I remember one brutal series of taunts in 2004 at Shea for example.


They are just jealous that they dont have Cabs on their team. :hat

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well they kept on chanting her name...saying that she was hot, and they said they he had an ugly baby.stupid fans in ny...




well saying his wife is hot isnt a bad thing & they dont even know what his baby looks like(im sure its cute)... just gotta ignore them but yea that is annoying

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