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Need some help/assistance from ya'll


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so i'm in need of a job,making money's good..make's me feel good :)



sooo i was wondering,does anyone here know anybody that's hiring in miami?



any help would be appreciated



*btw-don't say publix,mcdonalds or anything of that sort of work,please



thank ya'll in advance




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Work at a golf course...good times





Yeah that is a good idea.



All courses need a few guys to pick range balls, clean/organize/charge golf carts.


And if there are no openings in those slots, you can always try to get a position with golf course maintenence.

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Why dont you tell us something about yourself, your age, jod experince, qualifications, etc.


I'm 18.Just Graduated High School,i've worked at Things Remembered,and i was a Volunteer worker at the YMCA(i had to get comm. service hours to graduate high school and go into college,i got about 78 hrs if i remember correctly).I am currently a College student,pursuing a Career in Sports Management,and i'm also going to do Real Estate apart from that.

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if you have the time try temp work - pays twice as much as fast food/grocery and will give you some office experience


also cuts the committment so you can move jobs whenever your schedule feels a bit much


all you need to do is know how to type and work a computer.........

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Guest marlins02

How are you at wrestling alligators? The Miccosukee Tribe is always looking for people...




Just contact Lefty Cypress, 305 223-8380



they call him lefty cause he lost his right arm during his last fight.


good luck getting the job.

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