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Amazingly managed game by Girardi

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Guest ShaqandWade323

hmm, NOT


Hanley bunting with two strikes is the worst move I seen a manager do in years



Wait, Helms led off and singled, Moehler got by a pitch, and Hanley came up. Where are the two outs?

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it was the right call to have hanley lay it down.



he should have taken the bunt off after 2 strikes, but hanley should get the damn bunt down in that situation. Its not that difficult to properly bunt if you know what the hell you are doing and remember those drills you do in March.

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One of our greatest wins in history followed by such a disappointing loss. :confused


I can never get used to these games where we just basically give teams the win. This is the second time I can think of that we gave the game to the Mutts on errors.


PS. Note to Cabs & Uggs: Please swing at down the middle pitches with Wagner, you might have a good chance of doing something. :shifty

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is that a joke?


he f***ing blew it with Hanley



Maybe Hanley should learn to f***ing bunt.

I think is more important that Girardi learns some basics of management. that would serve us better on the long run

I don't understand how one call overshadows the entire game. Yes, it was a big call to miss but Hanley should be able to get a bunt down, two strikes or not. Hanley learning how to bunt would serve us better in the long run.


Look at it this way: If Girardi would've left Nolasco in any longer (which most managers would), the game probably would not have even been close.

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you know wat yeah i didnt like the move either but we should not have had 4 error or not scored when we had we had second and third one out and couldnt even get a sac fly. but anyway the mets should not have scored 3 of those runs. that the reason we lost. but it was a great comeback, almost, and renyel did an excellent job

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