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Possible World Series Matchups


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Twins-Braves could duplicate memories

By Jim Baker

MLB Insider

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Updated: September 29

2:23 PM ET



With four teams coming out of each league, the only thing we know for certain is this: there are 16 possible World Series matchups. Based on the odds given for each team to win it all (the Yankees are favored, the Twins the biggest underdog), we can rank the 16 possibilities in order of likelihood.


The 16 are as follows:


1. Yankees vs. Braves

Played before: 1996, 1999


The clubs with the best records in their respective leagues.


2. Yankees vs. Giants

Played before: 1921, 1922, 1923, 1936, 1937, 1951, 1962


Barry Bonds in the Series at Yankee Stadium. Sounds like a classic.


3. Red Sox vs. Braves

Played before: never



The Braves no longer feature a dominating pitching staff.

The battle of the two highest-scoring teams in the majors. A combined 450-plus home runs might make for some fun, although shortened rotations should cut down on the fireworks.


4. Red Sox vs. Giants

Played before: 1912 (Should have been played before but wasn't: 1904)


Barry Bonds in the Series at Fenway Park. Sounds like a classic.


5. Athletics vs. Braves

Played before: 1914


The starting pitcher matchups won't be as fun as they would have been last year.


6. Athletics vs. Giants

Played before: 1905, 1911, 1913, 1989


Their last meeting sure seems like it happened yesterday, but the only players active for even part of 2003 from that Series were Rickey Henderson and Matt Williams.


7. Yankees vs. Cubs

Played before: 1932, 1938


The Cubs are dying to get on the board against the Yankees in a World Series. Check that. The Cubs are dying to get into a World Series regardless of whom it might be against.


8. Yankees vs. Marlins

Played before: never


Would Yankee transplants and travelers turn Pro Player into a second New York homefield advantage?


9. Red Sox vs. Cubs

Played before: 1918


The pre-postseason odds make this a middle-of-the-pack possibility, but the cosmic odds are infinite. What would a Game 7 box seat ticket cost at Fenway Park? $5,000? $7,500? I was going to write that you have to love the notion of two series being played eight decades apart in the exact same ballparks except that the Cubs used Comiskey in 1918 to host their games.


10. Athletics vs. Cubs

Played before: 1910, 1929


A rematch of the two clubs that played one of the most memorable World Series games ever. That infamous (in Chicagoland) 10-8 A's victory in Game 4 saw the Cubs blow an 8-0 lead in the seventh inning and never recover, losing the next day to end it.


11. Red Sox vs. Marlins

Played before: never


The Kevin Millar Series.


12. Athletics vs. Marlins

Played before: never



The Marlins and A's would make for a contrast of styles.

A dichotomy of attitudes. The Marlins stole the most in the majors while the A's stole the second-fewest. Conversely, the A's were caught the least while the Marlins were caught the most. Who won this battle of philosophies? Well, they both got this far, didn't they? The Marlins were also second in the majors in sacrifices while the A's were second from the bottom.


13, Twins vs. Braves

Played before: 1991


If they can recreate the excitement of Game 7 from '91, I say let them have at it!


13. Twins vs. Giants

Played before: 1924, 1933


Barry Bonds at the Metrodome. Sounds like a classic.


15. Twins vs. Cubs

Played before: never


The two fourth-seeds making it to the top? What is this, the NHL?


16. Twins vs. Marlins

Played before: never


This is the one that will have the network executives edging out onto ledges to contemplate swan dives or pikes into oblivion. Which doesn't mean it wouldn't make for a great Series.

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Red Sox and Marlins - the Ownership Series. Here, Henry ditches his old franchise because he thought they were doomed while Loria - a villian according to the media - comes in and turns it around. Loria, turns it around with less money, more fiscal constraints and does it with a team that Henry thought couldnt get this far. And he does it just as fast as Henry does with an already good team! Screw Millar - the Red Sox cheated to get him. This is all about getting revenge on the man who sold us out. Henry, eat merda...and we can avenge those horrible losses earlier in the season to the laughing Red Sux.

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I'm hoping for Marlins/Yankees.


If we play the Yankees, the whole world will be watching because it's the Yankees and all the Yankee-haters will be rooting for us. If we played them tough, even if we didn't win, we'd gain a lot of respect and people wouldn't look at us as just the "team that bought the Series in '97."


I'd hate to play the Red Sox. First, there's a chance that we'd lose and I don't want to see John Henry with his hands on that trophy. Second, if we won, we'd be the bad guys among most baseball fans for denying the Red Sox their chance at beating their jinx.

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Bud Selig don't, he don't.


That makes me even happier.

Without Bud Selig your already talking about next year and yet you still go after him? I don't care if he created the wild card or not, we wouldn't have been here to win it in the first place if everything went his way. So yes, I will still attack him thank you very much.

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