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Absolutely No Respect


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I know most people but don't know a lot about us, but this is ridiculous...


1) Which team's pitching staff would you want heading into the playoffs?

40.8% Cubs

18.2% A's

17.2% Yankees

6.7% Red Sox

6.2% Braves

4.5% Twins

4.4% Giants

2.0% Marlins


8) Who will represent the National League in the World Series?

36.9% Cubs

36.2% Giants

22.1% Braves

4.9% Marlins


9) Who will win the World Series?

25.4% Red Sox

20.0% Yankees

18.0% Cubs

14.1% Giants

10.3% Braves

5.8% Twins

4.4% A's

2.0% Marlins


Not that any of this matters, I just don't like it.

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Hey, really, can you blame people? Why would people pick the Marlins to make the World Series?


The pitching staff thing is a little odd, considering that's our strength. That whole question is out of whack. Marlins and the Giants at the bottom? Ours will probably be the lowest scoring series of all.


And the Red Sox fourth????(????????????????)?????????????(????)??(?)????? ?






If their pitching were any good they'd run away with the World Series. Pedro's good though.


Where the Marlins have a good chance to surprise people is with stellar defense and a better-than-expected bullpen.

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HOW is that possible? HOW!?




The Marlins in people's minds aren't all that flashy. They don't stand out like the other 7 teams on that list and while IMO our starting five is just as good as the starting 5 of the Cubs, people are going to pick the Cubs because that's all they've heard about all season.



Believe me if it comes down to it and the Fish go all the way, then people are going to know the names of Josh Beckett, Brad Penny, Mike Redman, Carl Pavano and Dontrelle Willis.

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Josh Beckett, Brad Penny, Mike Redman, Carl Pavano and Dontrelle Willis.

Well, I was thinking more about Mark Redman as a top notch pitcher, but if Mike is bored behind Pudge..... :lol

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