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Is it possible..........


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That somebody besides Justin Verlander can win ROY?


if you look at it and there are a couple position players that have blossomed into everyday players.


Melky Cabrera is hitting .294 for the Yankees with 7 HR, 40 RBI and about 10 outfield assists. Without a guy like him in the lineup the Yankees would have to use guys like Aaron Guiel and Bubba Crosby everyday, and who knows where they would be in the standings without the production and solid defense?


Nick Markakis is another guy who just got his average above .300 and has been on a tear ever since June. He's also starting to hit a lot of homers, and has made only 1 error all year.


I think that if Liriano comes back soon he'd have a better shot than Melky or Markakis, but the fact that Verlander is performing for the best team in baseball gives him the edge.


I see the AL Voting as:


1. Verlander

2. Liriano

3. Cabrera

4. Markakis

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My rankings -


1. Verlander: Has pitched very well all year for a playoff contending team.


2. Papelbon: Absolutely dominating at times(the majority of times).


3. Liriano: He seemed to have sparked the streak the Twins went on, similiar to Dontrelle in 03.


4:Melky: Like someome else said, if they didnt have him, they'd be stuck with Bubba Crosby starting at a corner OF spot. Yuck.

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There's AL and NL ROY


I think i'm too used to Papelbon by now to consider him a rookie :banghead :banghead :banghead


but i wouldn't pick him first because he's a closer and there are other guys who play a bigger role like Verlander.


Completely forgot about Weaver. I like to go with players who have been up all year. He's only had 12 starts but Verlander and Liriano has shown they can consistently perform. A few more good starts by Weaver and a postseason birth I'd definitely have him in the top 3.

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