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Little Miss Sunshine


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Best movie this summer maybe, but, a great movie... no way. It was very cliche, and they milked too many jokes for far too long. I wasn't impressed and I only laughed maybe 3 or 4 times all movie. I expected a masterpiece and came back disappointed. Watch me, you, and everyone we know. It was a much better cliche-indie film.

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Just saw it & thought it was terrific.


jdcane if you thought the movie was "cliche" then I wonder if you missed the point. Yeah of course they're indie-stereotypes, but that's part of the fun. Also I don't know why you expected a masterpiece, I've never read any review or critic that said as much.




Just 2 fun hours of movie-watching. :thumbup


Don't find too many flicks where the audience literally applauds at the ending these days...

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