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Next 5 games....

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The next 5 games present some good matchups...my prediction is a (3-2) record. What does everyone else predict?



Brewers- Game 3

Ben Sheet (4-5) 5.02 vs. Josh Johnson (11-6) 2.90

-Sheets K's a lot of hitters and when he's on, he's on. He's due for a good outing so the Marlins must be ready.



Cardinals-Game 1

Scott Olsen (10-7) 4.42 vs. Mark Mulder (6-6) 6.77

-Mulder's 2nd start coming off the DL. Fish have hit lefties all right but Olsen needs a good outing.



Cards- Game 2

Ricky Nolasco (11-8) 4.45 vs. Jason Marquis (13-12) 5.77

-Nolasco coming off a poor start will need his "A" game vs. St. Louis' improved lineup.




Cards- Game 3

Dontrelle Willis (9-10) 4.01 vs. Jeff Suppan (10-7) 4.77

-Willis is hot now and I expect him to beat Suppan and the Cards to get back to .500.



Brewers- Game 1

Anibal Sanchez (5-2) 3.41 vs. Chris Capuano (11-8) 3.53

-A rematch of Sunday's thrilling game. If Sanchez's keeps it up, we'll be fine!





I'd be happy with 3 out of 5 since this will begin a road trip. Anything better than 3 wins and we are looking good. How many do you guys see us winning?

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Actually it will be Mulder's "second" start since coming off the DL as he got shelled in his first outing. He had no velocity in that start and wasn't fooling anyone.



How many do you see us taking? I don't see why we can't take all of them. Not many pitchers on that list scare me. Plus we get to skip Chris Carpenter.


Then again I'm a homer and only hoping for the best. :lol

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