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Props from Maddog

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Over here in NJ and NY on the YES network (The station that basically kisses the Yankes @44, they show all the yankee games and highlites and stuff)


Anyway, there is a show by a guy named Mike and another guy nick named the maddog. I don't know if anyone has scene it. Well anyway Maddog was talking with Willie Randolph about how he was going to have the Mets play down the stretch. Willie said he would treat the games basically at playoff level. During it Maddog said "the last team you would want the mets to see in the playoffs are the marlins. They just have great pitching, a great young pitching staff and those kids can hit, they can really hit too." You could also hear Willie agreeing in the background :mischief

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Maddog has come around but he is yet another that rode the 'what an embarrasment", 'they stink' and 'minor-league team' train so many were on. He wants to say we are a tough team now? Go back to ya Giants Chris and keep thinking you only lost to the Marlins in 2003 because it was a 5 game series instead of 7.

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Nice but the fact of the matter is almost everyone is giving us props they see the winning streak and how dangerous we are


Yea but this guy tends to know what he is taking about. Unlike most of ESPN that brings it up because it's a story they know they should cover, he brought it out of no where during the discussion as if he was actually interested in us and what Willie might of thought of us.

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