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Lo Duca's post-game interview


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u should have one of him hanging on the back of the truck also.


LoDuca could get some hits but his arm didnt help us out and when he pulled that hamstring last year it did nothing but hurt us the rest of the year. Olivo plays harder then him and he doesnt start showing it off when he gets banged up. Plus he has a much stronger arm and very good foot speed.


Olivo > LoDuca

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QUOTE: "Sure is nice to see the Mets finally clinch, but there's way too much still to accomplish to begin really celebrating."


Couldn't agee with you more but I'm sure you'll get posters on MB ripping them for celebrating a divisiion title.


Unlike other sports which let everybody in, playoff spots in baseball have always been precious to get and Division Titles (heck, WC berths too), have always been celebrated by the teams and fans for decades.

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