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NCAA Football Week 5 Discussion


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I must say that Auburn looked very beatable last night. Just throw a bunch of receivers out there and get rid of the ball quickly...sounds exactly like what the point of the spread option offense is. :mischief


BTW, I love Steve Spurrier. Just drawin' up ball plays on the sideline.

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Guest FishFanInPA

No reason to worry



Star-Tribune staff writer Sunday, September 24, 2006


LARAMIE -- Who cares if Wyoming just lost its third game in a row? Running back Devin Moore has more confidence than ever in his Cowboys.


?I?m going to guarantee a win next week against Syracuse, and every other conference game,? Moore said after Saturday?s game. ?I don?t want to be cocky, not at all. But I do have confidence in the Wyoming Cowboys, and I hope everybody else out there does too, because we?re going to win. And that?s the bottom line."


Moore had reason to be confident, after finally getting enough touches to prove his worth as one of Wyoming?s most important offensive weapons. The Cowboys had several standout individual performances, but couldn?t pull those performances together into a victory. UW lost to Air Force 31-24 for the Cowboys? third consecutive loss.





LMAO....someone's guaranteeing a win over Syracuse?? That's like guaranteeing a win over Duke.

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Guest FishFanInPA

Nice work by Michigan State.....gutless as usual.


Can't wait to beat up on the Spartans.



I'm just curious, do you like every college football team other than Michigan St?


Where do you get that from??? I'm a Temple and Michigan fan and a Syracuse alum.

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