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There is a live feed from a watering hole (not a bar) at one of the animal reserves in south africa. I've only seen a fox so far, but there are pictures of rhinos, elephants, and other animals. Its pretty cool to check in for a few min each day. The camera also moves around.




Right under "home" on the left hand side it says "NKORHO stream" click there for the live feed.




I guess the best time is dawn and sunset. Dawn happens around 10pm EST and sunset is around 11am est. I was reading that there were zebra and girraffe sightings this morning around 11am.

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The best times to go on are around 3-4pm and 11pm. Its summer there now so they have longer days.


There were elephant, zebra and girraffe sightings today. I also read that zebras get to the watering hole at about 11pm everyday.


During the day time there is someone manning the camera so if there is any animal the move the camera to it.

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That happened a month ago. There are other pictures of the lions eating him. I didnt know they did that.


After a while you get excited if you see ANYTHING. I was looking for about 30 minutes (I need a life) and when I saw a bird fly by I was really excited. Lmao. Also, the owl's scare me.


there probably wont be any action for another hour or two.

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