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Senator Johnson (D) has stroke... POWER SHIFTS BACK TO GOP?


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South Dakota Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson fell suddenly ill yesterday and, CNN reports, underwent "brain surgery early Thursday at George Washington University Hospital," according to "two Democratic sources familiar with his condition." The possibility that Johnson may not be able to carry on his duties as a senator has placed a big question mark on the issue of which party will control the Senate. As USA Today reports, the November election "gave Democrats a 51-49 edge." If Johnson "were unable to complete the remaining two years of his term, South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds, a Republican, could appoint a replacement, presumably another Republican. That would deadlock the Senate at 50-50 with Vice President Cheney, a Republican, holding the tie-breaking vote."



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All you can think about is the GOP gets power back?




Thats quite nice of you.

Well gee, it was only the lead off story on every major news network today. All I did was post the article, nothing more.


I think the more fitting think to talk about and say here Accord would be may God watch over and protect the man. See him safe from his surgery and well once more.


The healthy and life of someone I think comes before grabbing for power.

I said nothing either way. Of course I don't want to see the man die, that absolutely goes without saying. You don't get to be a senator unless you're a great American, and I don't want to see any American die. Period. It seems by just posting the article and not saying "get well soon" you guys have just assumed I don't care...


the power to decide should go to the american people...and last time i checked...the people arent really thrilled with the GOP because they suck at life(but at least they are good at exterminating life)...good luck to you sen. johnson and a speedy recovery

The people of South Dakota elected the governor who is the man who will ultimately decide who replaces him, if he is infact replaced.

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Here is some good news, his office just released this statement:


Admiral John Eisold, Attending Physician of the United States Capitol said, "Senator Tim Johnson has continued to have an uncomplicated post-operative course. Specifically, he has been appropriately responsive to both word and touch. No further surgical intervention has been required."

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I agree with Chewy, the coverage of this man's condition has been quite morbid.

You guys say it like it's something new.


Whenever a political figure dies one side looks on how they can gain power, the other only dwelling the fact that they might be losing it. I'm sure a lot of Democrats are pressing the "oh sh*t" button right now rather than mourning his death.


And I can't blame them. It's not like most of the world has a personal attachment to the guy.


Umm..he's not dead. :blink:

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