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Vick to the Browns?


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"ESPN Joe Schad reports that there is some interest from the Clevand Brown that there could be a blockbuster trade in the works that would send Braylon Edwards and their first round pick to Atlanta Falcons for Michael Vick. This would impose a $24 plus million cap penalty for the Falcons but could use it as leverage to gain 3 first round picks if Matt Schuab is traded also. Now getting all three of thes forst round picks under the cap could be had to swallow. But with no QB on the roster the Falcons could have thier pick of Brady Quinn or Jamarcus Russel."



I said when Petrino got hired, Vick gets traded, Falcons draft Brohm.

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wow that would be pretty crazy. Poor Cleveland

Actually, he would work wonders for Cleveland.


Get a line, then we'll talk.


Even Vick can run away from the multiple down linemen that break through the holes in the Cleveland d-line.


Thing is, Cleveland doesn't have any WR's, they've got a decent TE who only shows up 35% of the time, they've got no good RB's. Their Free Agency philosophy, which they're using to rebuild the team, has totally failed. I only see Vick adding to this. I don't see Vick making it through the grind of the AFC North unscathed, either.


Of course, this is pure conjecture, considering this is the only source I've actually read this information.

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So did we ever get a link? The grammer and spelling look suspicious

I got it off the Buccaneers message board. I asked for a link, but nobody ever posted one.


Because there isn't one.


I took the five minutes it took to look up this "information" and it doesn't exist. At least not on ESPN.com or in any of their insider stuff.


Count me out.

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