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Bush flips into 5,000 Fine


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Bush's touchdown taunt draws $5,000 fine


Jan. 28, 2007

CBS SportsLine.com wire reports


MIAMI -- Reggie Bush was fined $5,000 by the NFL for taunting during his 88-yard touchdown reception in the New Orleans Saints' NFC championship game loss at Chicago last week.


Although the rookie running was not penalized for pointing back at Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher or for somersaulting into the end zone, he subsequently received the league's standard punishment for taunting.


NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed the fine Sunday.


Bush, the 2005 Heisman Trophy winner and second pick in last year's draft, caught a short pass from Drew Brees on the left sideline. He sped downfield, cut back near midfield and was several steps ahead of Urlacher when Bush turned and pointed at the Bears star. He then did his front flip into the end zone, making the score 16-14.


The Bears won 39-14 to reach the Super Bowl.



The Associated Press News Service

Copyright 2005-2006, The Associated Press, All Rights Reserved


NFL is freaking retarted, I thought it was quite brilliant by Reggie...

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I think he deserved it. Maybe what he did was not as bad as Putting with the pylon but he did three things on that play point at Urlacher, flipping into the end zone and dancing. If he eliminates one of those three i think he doesnt get fined but all three of these things in one play is just too much.

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Kinda' weird. I thought it was 10,000 per taunt.


I know Chad gets 10,000 per game for shoes and I thought it was the same for celebrations, but maybe I'm wrong. But, I coulda' swore he did two touchdown celebrations and called it a 30,000 dollar day.


And, the fact that this money ALL goes to charity should negate any whining/bitching about celebrations.

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That's just stupid. If you're going to fine Bush for what he did then why not fine Merriman every time he performs his stupid little dance? Maybe fine a guy for spinning the ball and signaling a first down.

I think merriman should be fined for his dance because of what the dance means. In high school he knocked out 4 opponents so they dubbed him as "Lights out" and he started to make the dance. It would be the same as LT (the real LT) making a gesture about breaking a leg.

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