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Hardaway Hates Gays


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I think this is the time for someone to come out of the closet and be a sacrificial lamb. This coming out after their career stuff isnt exactly the most heroic thing to do. Jon Amaechi wants people to come out of the closet while playing and says "see this is why we cant come out" garbage and yet he is only coming out now from the SILENCE because it brings a book deal and free publicity. I know I sound harsh... but I think true courage is being the first African American to play professional baseball. He took the criticism and the hatred, but played on. What these gay athletes want is to be loved and accepted and patted on the ass while playing their sport. I understand their dilemma is having to live a lie and fear of receiving that hate talk from idiot players, but their has to be a first, someone that receives the attention, that gets hated. Someone has to break the line and no one has as of yet in any major sport.

We live in a world of machismo... face it gay athletes... you have to break down that barrier. Blacks had to break down the barrier and are still fighting it. You cant expect the barrier to collapse on its own or the NBA to promote homosexuality.


:confused :batman


While I think it would be MORE courageous to come out while playing, that doesn't mean Amaechi's decision is NOT courageous. It's just less courageous. You can question his motives if you want...that's fair. But just listening to him, it's pretty clear that the subject of anti-gay discrimination is one he has a lot of interest in, has researched, and is passionate about. He may ALSO want to make money and get publicity, but I do think he is genuinely interested in tearning down some of these barriers.


Also, it would be easy enough for you or I to call on gay athletes to come out. But think about what we'd be asking them to do. This isn't like Jackie Robinson, really. Jackie didn't already have a spot in the bigs. He was playing in the Negro Leagues, where the money and the fame and the lifestyle just doesn't compare. He took a lot upon himself, no question, and he was courageous and an American hero, but he was moving on up, all the same. For an athlete who is already living the life, doing what he's always worked for--for him to just give that all up in the fight for social justice--that's a HUGE step. If your dream has been to play in the NBA or whatever, why would you choose to put that in jeopardy while you still have so many playing days ahead of you. I place no blame at the feet of gay athletes who choose to stay in the closet.


I was just going to say that Jackie Robinson and other pioneer black athletes were living in a time of more socially unjust world. Jackie Robinson faced the possibility of getting beat. Does anyone think that in these years of media circus come outs... that another athlete would assault a gay athlete and get away with it? Not everyone is antigay like Tim Hardaway as opposed to a more antiblack community in Jackie Robinson's time. His rise to greatness was probably harder than any other million dollar athlete of today's world.

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Hardaway apologizing is kind of useless, we all know how he truly feels and he can't save your reputation from something like that. When I actually heard the audio for the first time, I was a little shocked he was so blunt about it, going out and saying he downright hates gay people. I have lost all respect for the man.


This is especially messy for Hardaway since the South Florida area has a one of the largest gay populations in the country.

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I find the apology statement funny for some reason.


"As an African-American, I know all too well the negative thoughts and feelings hatred and bigotry cause," Hardaway said Thursday in a statement issued by his agent. "I regret and apologize for the statements that I made that have certainly caused the same kinds of feelings and reactions.


"I especially apologize to my fans, friends and family in Miami and Chicago. I am committed to examining my feelings and will recognize, appreciate and respect the differences among people in our society," he said. "I regret any embarrassment I have caused the league on the eve of one of their greatest annual events."


yep, sounds just like Hardaway wrote it. :rolleyes:

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Guest FlummoxedLummox

As per the Jackie Robinson thing...


It's also a little different because a gay individual doesn't have to be open about what makes him/her different, whereas a black person is visibly black. There's no denying the color of someone's skin. Therefore, a gay player can avoid some of the bigotry while the black players couldn't avoid it. I think that's the singular reason why gay rights have lagged behind other civil rights. For women and black people, there was no way to hide from their minority status.

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