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  • 4 months later...

What a wild ride Season 6 was. Lex's army of Kryptonite soldiers, the Justice League shows up to recruit Clark, Martian Manhunter keeps popping up ( and dropping Oreo cookies - his favorite Earth food btw)... and now the cliffhanger with Bizarro.


The finale was very good this year, although last year (Season 5) is still the one to beat. Having Clark fight General Zod without screwing up the continuity of Superman II and then being imprisoned inside the Phantom Zone was a brilliant way to end Season 5 after a season long battle with Brainiac.


Looking forward to Season 7 with the conclusion of Bizarro. Clark is almost ready to get the suit from Jor-El.


Anyone else have thoughts on this show?

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What I think will happen in Season 7:

Clark will rebuild the Fortress.


Lex will have an ongoing murder trial and will not be the antagonist for much of the season.


Brainiac will make another appearance.


Justice League will make a few more appearances, maybe even coming in contact with Bizarro.


Chloe will be allright.


Lois will continue to be hot.


I thought Lionel would show his true colors and turn out to be a bad guy, but apparently thats off the table. He was firmly implanted as one of the forces of good in the S6 finale.


Clark will wear many red shirt/blue jacket and blue shirt/red jacket combinations.


Martian Manhunter will hopefully make several more appearances, in fact he will probably have a fight with Bizarro sometime early in the season and get his clock cleaned.

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Smallville returns this Thursday, 8 PM(7 central for me), as Clark and Bizarro have a showdown.


I hope Bizarro lasts longer than Zod. Supergirl will be around about half the season, Green Arrow will make a few more appearances, not sure about the rest of the Justice League though.


Should be an awesome season.

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Overall not a bad start to the season. This should be big with Clark Kent FINALLY starting to accept his destiny and we should see some big leaps as he prepares to take the mantle of Superman. Still not sure about the whole Supergirl thing just yet, but I'll wait and see before reserving judgement.


Not too bad :thumbup

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In the Superboy comics from years ago, Lana lang and Pete Ross (from the early seasons) both know about Clark becoming Superman. In later storylines Lex actually tortured Lana to get her to confess what she knows because he started to suspect Clark, but Lana never revealed anything. Hope that clears up the "?"

Yes. I wonder if Pete will ever come back anyway.


So basically, Chloe is going to be offed at some point.


And did you know that Jimmy ISN'T the guy from XMen...He's his brother!!

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When Clark finally realized Kara was his cousin and he took a step back... priceless!


About time, Clark starts his training... I expect he will fly by the end of this season or Seaon 8 if they keep going

They should just continue the series into the Superman years.


In reality, I think the show has one more year after this, max. It's lasted a lot longer than many people thought.

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Wow, this past week's was excellent... Finding out the real identity of the new Daily Planet editor, and then Jor-El's not so nice brother Zor-El is resurrected out of the Fortress, plus he previous week's hinting that Brainiac is returning....

Ya I liked the episode. Am I wrong to think that Lex's brother was played by someone else way back in season 1 or 2? I recall something about Japan, or China..and a bad gambling issue.

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