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Saturday Round Up: Coghlan for President


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Chris George and the Topes get waxed 15-0 by the Iowa Cubs

  • Robert Andino: 1/4
  • Todd Linden: 0/4 3k
  • Val Pascucci: 0/3
  • John Gall: 1/2 2bb
  • Scott Seabol: 2/4 2b
  • Chad Hermansen: 0/3
  • Chris George: (L, 5-6) 3ip 11h 11r(11er) 2bb k 2hr
  • Chris Young: 2ip 4h 1r(1er) 0bb 0k
  • Matt Yourkin: 1.1ip 3h 2r(2er) 0bb 0k
  • Harvey Garcia: 1.2ip 3h 1r(1er) 0bb 2k

Lee Mitchell homers twice in 5-2 loss to Jacksonville

  • Eric Riggs: 2/4 cs
  • Chase Lambin: 1/3 3b 2k
  • Lee Mitchell: 2/4 2r 2hr(10,11) 2rbi... .138/.324/.190 in the month of June coming into tonight
  • Grant Psomas: 1/4 3k
  • Brett Hayes: 0/4 2k
  • Jai Miller: 1/4 2b 2k
  • Chris Seddon: (L, 3-5) 4ip 7h 4r(4er) 0bb 5k hr.... 6ip 9er in his Mudcats 2 appearances thus far
  • Blake McGinley: 2ip 1h 0r 0bb k
  • Craig Molldrem: 2ip 2h 1r(1er) 0bb 2k

Brett Sinkbeil gets shelled in Hammerheads 8-2 loss to Clearwater

  • Kris Harvey: 1/5 r hr(6) rbi 3k... the turn around continues, although hopefully he isn't just swinging for the fences anymore.... last 10 games, .395ba 2bb 5k 5hr
  • Andy Jenkins: 3/5 k
  • Gaby Sanchez: 0/3 rbi k
  • JT Restko: 2/4 k
  • Colin Roberson: 1/4 k
  • Brad Davis: 1/3 bb
  • Brett Sinkbeil: (L, 2-4) 4.2ip 8h 8r(4er) 4bb 2k 2hr
  • Jeff Gogal: 2.1ip 0h 0r 2bb 5k
  • Jason Iehl: 1ip 1h 0r 0bb 0k

Greensboro loses 4-2 to Augusta

  • John Raynor: 0/4
  • Greg Burns: 1/4 2k sb(21)
  • Chris Coghlan: 2/3 2b bb.... it's not fair to the SALLY pitchers
  • Logan Morrison: 0/2 r 2bb 2k
  • Jacob Blackwood: 1/4 r
  • Spike McDougal: 1/4 2b rbi
  • Chris Hatcher: 0/3 rbi
  • Daniel Garcia: 0/4 3k
  • Graham Taylor: (L, 8-2) 7ip 6h 3r(3er) 0bb 5k hr
  • Rudolfo Encarnacion: 2ip 2h 1r(1er) 0bb 3k hr

Jamestown loses 9-1 to State College

  • Rigoberto Silverio: 0/3.... best first name in the game
  • Justin Jacobs: 0/3 bb
  • Dustin Kaats: 0/3 k
  • Torre Langley: 1/4 2b
  • Thomas Hickman: 0/2 k
  • Chris Dunn: 0/2
  • Carlos Piste: 1/3 r hr(1) rbi bb k
  • Ryan Anetsberger: 0/4 k
  • Ben Lasater: 1/2 2b
  • Osvaldo Martinez: 1/3 k
  • Chris Ingoglia: (L, 0-1) 2ip 3h 3r(3er) bb 2k hr
  • Garrett Parcell: 2ip 1h 5r(0er) 2bb 3k
  • Steven Cishek: 2ip 1h 0r bb 3k
  • Adam Campbell: 2ip 3h 1r(1er) 0bb k hr

GCL Marlins lose 3-2 to the Nationals

  • Marcus Crockett: 0/4 k
  • Ray White: 1/3
  • Raul Escalona: 0/3 cs
  • Josh Short: 1/3 r 2b bb k
  • Jesus Rojas: 0/3 r bb k
  • Mitch MacDonald: 1/3 r bb k
  • Brett Lawler: 1/4 2k
  • Rene Arias: 1/4 2k
  • Luis Mercedes: 2/3 2rbi bb
  • Kristhiam Linares: 3ip 5h 2r(1er) 0bb 8k
  • Ramon Benjamin: 5ip 1h 0r 0bb 6k
  • Chris Shafer: (W, 1-0) 1 perfect inning


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I am not sure what the Marlins are going to do with Coghlan but is he expected to take Uggla's place in a few years?

that's the idea.... unless Uggla continues to be Jeff Kent

Just say Uggla continues to produce... could he play/learn any other postion (like CF)?

absolutely no idea


he's been a 3b most of his career with him moving to 2b just recently


he's pretty athletic so I suppose he could learn cf, but just had an average arm for a 3b

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no after Jupiter will traded him for PTBNL

What? I didnt understand


Was that.... No, after he is in Jupiter we will trade him for a PTBNL?

he's joking because Coghlan is going to be the organizational hitter of the year


the OHOTY of 2005 was Brad McCann. he had a phenominal Greensboro campaign and "died" in Jupiter


it's looking like so far that Gaby Sanchez, 2006's OHOTY may suffer the same fate, although he still has a few months to turn things around

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PS. Gaby is doing fine remember Cabrera 274 avg

Gaby is going to be 24, MIGUEL WAS 19


Age and playing level doesn't mean anything to the people on this board.


Is there any chance Gaby turns into something for us? In all honesty.

Gaby Sanchez?


There's a chance, but right now it doesn't look good

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and they are both playing A ball like Gaby did last year when he was 22


Player are compare to other player all the time you should know that and I'm not comparing Migy to any body all I'm saying the league FSL is tough and they all struggle


but ramp I'm glad you keep leaving the door open just in-case

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