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'Bout Time

The Marlin Man

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haha, for real?? what did we get in return?


and do I get a new baby marlin??




nm, found the thread...guess i'll just wait to see who the PTBL is and he'll be my baby marlin!


anyway...back to hermida.... Mr. Air Head finally showed emotion...hope it translates to some extra base hits

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It's about damn time he showed some emotion....


hope he gets his head out of his @$$ and stays injury free long enough for us to make a run this year and really go for it next year....


but even with a hit tonight....he's blown two opportunities to shine tonight



How dare you pick on someone who's only 23! I'm just kidding. Enough excuses from me. Hopefully by the time he's 28 he will be a little more clutch.

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The team needs more emotion.....Girardi wouldn't tolerate this crap....neither would Leyland.




This team needs better starting pitching, defense, and a consistent offense.


Also things Girardi wouldn't have tolerated....but we can't go back and change history. (SIGH) :banghead

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