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When do we move these guys...


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We can't afford Uggla, Hanley, Olsen, Johnson, Willis, Cabrera and Willingham


Where do all of these guys wind up?


Uggla-Mets, they need a 2B and we've made good trading partners with them in the past.


Hanley- Stays in town, he's the face of the franchise to come ala Cabrera/Willis.


Olsen- I think someone overpays for Scotty, maybe the Mets who need young SP, maybe the Tigers to replace Kenny Rogers, or the Cubs with Prior and Wood being useless, the Dodgers love pitching.


Willis- NY Yankees, they need a lefty in the rotation to replace Pettite after this year, I see this being an easy trade, we can get some of the prospects they have, wish we would've traded for Melky before he got hot.


Cabrera- NY Yankees, maybe a double move? ARod is out of NY this year, and off to some low-expectation team where he can hide from October. Miggy could play 3B, LF, and DH in NY.


Willingham- I see him in the AL playing some LF but mostly DHing. Toronto, LAAofA, Oakland, Chi WS, someone who loves to bring in older bats to play DH, but this time they'd get a younger version in the Hammer. I think he'd hit much much better as a DH.

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None of them will be traded until either 1) their arbitration reaches heights we can't pay (Which is unlikely for most of them, outside of Cabrera and Willis) 2) their arbitration years run out. So since that won't be for a few more years, no real point in trying to come up with trades now.

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