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ESPN.com Marlins "Correspondents"


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Go, check it out. I would sign up, but I can't watch every pitch of the Series due to school and work. This really should be someone on the board though.


Marlins Correspondents Wanted!



Are you a Marlins fan? Do you watch every pitch of every inning? If so, then ESPN.com wants you!


SportsNation is looking for Marlins correspondents for the World Series. If you are selected, we will publish your comments and analysis at ESPN.com during each game of the Series.


You must be available during the entirety of each World Series game, and you must also be able to email your comments and analysis throughout each game.


To submit your application to be a SportsNation World Series Correspondent, please answer the following questions using the mailform below.


1. Why did you become a Marlins fan?

2. Describe in some detail your best moment as a Marlins fan.

3. Describe in some detail your worst moment as a Marlins fan.

4. Where do you watch your team's games and why?

Reminder: You must be available to email your comments and analysis during each game of the World Series.

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I just wrote a 500 word piece that I really believe will make them select me to be a correspondent. But the question is--do I want to be available during every second of the World Series? I mean, I want to go out to sports bars and friends houses and party and celebrate during the games!!!

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