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Guest Festa

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Guest Festa

In my opinion as a veteran user ( :lol ), the following members should have their avatars declared MB.com Civic Landmarks:


el penguino I swear to G**, I thought that was a whale for the first year or so. I never could make out the penguin.

Mabdul Doobakus Funny story, in one of those late night chats we used to have a long time ago, we (can't remember who it is was exactly) were doing some e-stalking and stumbled onto Mabdul's myspace page and saw the blown up version. Previous to that nobody knew what the hell was in his avatar. I thought it was a kite for some reason. I see Mabdul's cleaned it up since then.

Madman81 I've always thought this avatar was pretty funny.

Admin It gives you the users name. I sported it once for cool points. I think that's the only time Admin hasn't used it.

Marlin Nation One of those avatars that hasn't been changed in a loooooong time. I know it's MN posting when I see that image.

Marlins2003 As you can clearly see, this Miggy mug was taken before Cabs started making the daily trips to McDonalds. I don't think 2003's had a different avatar since I joined in 2004.



It just wouldn't be MB.com without these avatars.



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Guest ShaqandWade323

Flamarlins3's is a classic.


If anyone can remember my first avatar they get 4 cool points.


You had the one guy from Lost as yours for a while.

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Mabdul Doobakus hasn't changed his in a long either.


I like changing them every once in awhile though. I get bored with a certain theme after some time.

But the rapture would occur if Mabdul changed his! I mean, we would never recognize his witty, intellectual posts anymore without his avatar. It all just be a bunch of rambling and words that don't make no sense whatsoever!

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Guest iFesta Touch

Oh noes, as Fox pointed out in the Chat thread, Marlins2003's sig is in danger of being removed forever!


I move for an injunction on all Marlins2003 related avatar changes.




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Guest FlummoxedLummox

No love for Hotcorner? He's been the Tick for as long as I've been here.

Not so, he had a kid in a blue hat blowing bubble gum for quite some time before the tick

"as long as I've been here"

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