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Tony Pena Jr. Hates Walking


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Thought some of you may find this interesting.


Tony Pena Jr., short stop for the Kansas City Royals, has walked 6 times in 320 at bats this year for a sparkling OBP of .287.


To take things further, he hasn't walked since more than 2 months ago - May 5th. 209 ABs (he has set the dubious Royals record for most ABs without a walk).


To take things even further, only 9 players in the last 50 years have gone more than 200 plate appearances without drawing a walk.


To take things even further than that, he has come to the plate 300+ times this year and has only worked the count to three balls...25 times.


To take things much further, if it took only 3 balls to draw a walk, Pena still would only be 5th on the Royals in walks.


Absolutely amazing.

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I could care less if he doesnt walk. He's one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball.

Actually, the article where I got most of this information from was saying how even though these numbers are 'incredible' the fact that he is playing better average wise then was thought and his defense is so good, its actually not a big deal at this point in his career.


No whether or not you agree with that is one thing, but it seems the Royals right now are okay with it.

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Kevin Mench actually has 6 walks in 183 at bats this year, yet has drawn 5 of them since June 29th (in that same span, he has only 25 at bats), so on the morning of June 29th, Mench had 1 walk in 158 at bats, good for a gaudy .272 average and .273 on base percentage in basically 3 months. He has gotten hot lately though, upping his splits from .272/.273/.405/.678 to .284/.304/.475/.779. Although to be fair, he is .330/.352/.583/.934 against lefties this year, and he's been used almost exclusively as a platoon guy against lefties this year, so he's doing his job.


EDIT: As I check, Mench's first walk this year was on April 4th (game 2), so from April 5th to June 28th, he had 0 walks in 152 at bats. No walks in almost 3 months, and now he's had a pair of 2 walk games in the span of 3 weeks. :blink: I love baseball.

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