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We gotta keep ourselves together here


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Like most of you said, even down 2-1...it is no time to give up


However, it's most definitely not going to be as easy as some of you make it sound.


If you think that yes the marlins will come back "because they did it with the cubs'' then you're thinking unrealisticly because this is not the cubs and not inexperienced, choking prior and wood.


Somebody mentioned Game 6 of the Cubs game when we were down big and came back and won. But is it me or do the Marlins ALWAYS need a damn "opening" or luck to come back? you all know for damn sure if it wasn't for steve bartman and alex gonzalez not being able to make that ending DP, we wouldn't even be here.


i know i might be sounding like i have no more faith in the fish or something but thats not it AT ALL. i just want to think realisticly and of course i think we have a shot, a good shot but we have to work at it and not say "oh well we done it before so we can do it again"


because if we play like we did game 3, we might as well cancel flights to NY cuz theyres not gonna be game 6 n 7.


i dont know whats up with the marlins. we are playing opposite of usual - not executing, not clutch hitting, not being able TO LAY A SAC BUNT, wasting opportunities and good pitching, bullpen falling apart


i believe we can pull it together and win this...the yankees are NOT unbeatable.


we have to be our usual self, play our hearts out, and set the tone early.



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