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Teen, denied $ for college because he's not Republican

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Teen vowing not to be a Republican raises funds for Hillary Clinton


07:58 AM CST on Wednesday, December 5, 2007


By EMILY TSAO / The Dallas Morning News

[email protected]


A teen whose father denied him college tuition because he would not become a Republican now is raising funds for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


Teddy Gambordella, 19, who launched a Web site in 2006 to raise money for college, has tweaked it not only to raise funds for his own education but also to generate up to $125,000 for the Clinton campaign.


Mr. Gambordella, a freshman at Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch, said splitting the funds will allow his fans to invest in him and the presidential candidate. ?Half of it would be for the better of the country now and half of it would be for the better of the country?s future,? he said.

Also Online


Link: Teddy Gambordella's campaign


As a Highland Park High School junior, Mr. Gambordella started a Web site ? onemillionreasonswhy.com ? in which people could buy pixel space as advertising on the site and their money would support him through college.


Mr. Gambordella said he did not get as much support as he had hoped ? he wouldn?t say how much he?s made ? and was unable to attend the more expensive school of his choice. (He says he was accepted to Oklahoma University and SMU.) He said he is working multiple jobs and living in a small apartment to make ends meet.


?I have to figure out how to pay for next semester,? said Mr. Gambordella who is hoping to study political science.


Mr. Gambordella is selling each pixel for 30 cents. Although it?s not clear on his Web site, he explains that he will give supporters two pixels for each one they buy, with the understanding that the supporter is expected to make a matching donation to the Clinton campaign. At present, supporters cannot donate to the campaign directly through his site.


He said he supports Mrs. Clinton because: ?The best times of my life were right before Bush ? when (Bill) Clinton was in office and I thought, ?What works???


He posted a large Hillary Clinton ad on his Web site, but said he has received no support from the Clinton campaign. The Clinton campaign did not immediately respond to inquiries made by The Dallas Morning News .


He said he hopes his efforts to support Mrs. Clinton will demonstrate his commitment as a Democrat. ?I can?t imagine anything more legitimate,? he said.


And he?s also trying to make a point with his dad. ?I need to continue proving him wrong,? Mr. Gambordella said.


His father said he was aware of his son?s support for Mrs. Clinton. ?I couldn?t be unhappier,? said Ted Gambordella Sr. of Dallas, a martial arts expert. ?Of all the Democrats to raise money for, she?s the worst.?


Dad says the two are on friendly terms, but they try not to discuss politics much.


?I can?t support his college education when he is going to act like that,? the elder Gambordella said. ?He?s going to outgrow it. I hope he does.?


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Responsible and loving parents try their best to help their children through college. If they can't because they don't have the means, I think that is totally understandable. If they can but choose not to because the son or daughter is a member of an opposing political party, I call that totally moronic. So does the guy love his son any less because he's a Democrat? That's total idiocy. He's an imbecile.

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I'm not justifying his actions or ideas by any stretch but I could see where if my child had the aptitude to go to a good state college but wanted to go to a smaller liberal art school for say, ceramics, and it is more expensive I'd probably only give him or her the tuition for the state college and let them make up their mind on where they wanted to go.

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It could be more complex, but I doubt it. There was an article in the Pitt News (Pitt's student newspaper) about a student from Cape Coral who currently attends Point Park University (a artsy-type school downtown), and his situation reads the exact same way, except wherever you see Republican, replace it with straight, and with Dem, replace with gay.



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